Capone review and information

Venom’s new movie, Ponzo, was released and watched.

On the poster, the Joker’s crew puts it on the front page.

After more than a decade in prison for tax evasion, Ponce <Alcapone> (Tom Hardy) invites the whole family to dinner on Thanksgiving Day, and the movie begins.

Ponce’s wife, May (Linda Cardellini), shares her old age by keeping Ponce’s ill health and psychologically unstable with dementia.

Ponce, who’s been to prison, seems to have 10 million dollars, but she doesn’t tell you where the money is, whether she’s lost her memory from dementia.

The FBI stays around Ponce, eavesdropping, and surveillance, tracking down the whereabouts of the money.

The movie is about Ponce chasing after 10 million dollars, but rather than where the money is, it tells the story of Ponce’s psychological conflict and his last year. The way he smokes and bites his cigarette all day long makes even the viewers feel stuffy, and he loses a lot of weight and speaks poorly, so his visuals and speech were completely different from what he usually does as a new character.

There are many cruel scenes or imagining scenes that tighten Ponce’s arms, but I think I kept thinking about what I did in the past, which is psychological.

Tom Hardy’s performance as the legendary gangster boss, who was physically ill and psychologically anxious, was good, but there was nothing to see for the rest. The movie has many lines, no story, no particular curve, and the story that can be immersed in the movie can be focused on watching it, but it was hard to watch it because I was sleepy. My wife just fell asleep initially, so I missed the first part of the story, and I was dozing off in the middle of the movie, but she changed her posture and drank water. No matter how hard I try.

I don’t know if the movie will be good if it’s a cinematic quality, but of course, there must have been many people who enjoyed it, but I thought I wanted to finish it quickly while watching the movie after a long time. The drowsy wind ruined the review, and I wonder how other people saw it, and I’ll have to wait and see what the general audience will say.

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