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Lee Je-hoon, Cho Woo-jin, Lim Won-hee, and Shin Hye-sun’s new movie “Collectors” was released on the first day, and it suddenly opened.

Last week, I was Won-hee, Je-hoon, and Jo Woo-jin came out together. There’s an actor who appears on a variety show, so it’s natural to promote them.

It’s a poster hanging in the Lotte Cinema, but maybe it’s because it opened suddenly, but many movies don’t make flyers. I don’t know much about publishing or printing, but if you design it and send it to the print shop, it would be 100 won per page and 1 million won per page, but there are a lot of movies that don’t produce flyers because they’re suddenly out of schedule.

Other than the main poster, there are some other interesting and creative posters.

Guangdong-gu (Lee Je-hoon) has been searching everywhere for a trade in the gilt-bronze Buddha statue of Hwangyeongsa Temple.

Upon hearing rumors that Guangdong-gu has a gilt-bronze Buddha statue, Sang-Gil (Song Yeong-chang), interested in cultural assets, ordered people to follow him.

Yoon (Shin Hye-sun), an elite curator who works under Sang-Gil, connects Sang-Gil with Guangdong-gu.

Meanwhile, Sang-Gil asked Dong-gu to bring Goguryeo tombs’ murals to China, and Dong-gu approached Dr. Jones (Jo Woo-jin), and the two left for China.

Meanwhile, Sang-Gil asked Dong-gu to bring Goguryeo tombs’ murals to China, and Dong-gu approached Dr. Jones (Jo Woo-jin), and the two left for China.

Dong-gu, Jones, Safari, and his team will begin the excavation of Seonneung in the middle of Gangnam, Seoul, to find the sword of King Taejo Lee Seong-Hye.

When the movie starts, there will be a short episode in the mountains of actor Joo Jin-mo and an opening video made of a cartoon. The opening video goes well with exciting music, so I was looking forward to the movie. I thought Lee Je-hoon and Cho Woo-jin would appear on entertainment shows together in SBS’s My Little Old Boy I’m Won-hee, but only Lee Je-hoon came out in the beginning, and Cho Woo-jin came out a little later, and I’m Won-hee came out in the middle of the movie.

There are scenes where the characters sometimes cringe in their speech or behavior, but since it’s an entertaining movie, the characters are a little exaggerated and light. Lee Je-hoon has a story, but it’s not a one-top movie, but there’s Cho Woo-jin, Lim Won-hee, Shin Hye-sun, chairman, gangster, and detective. Huh, Sung-Tae was also on the show, but he was like a cameo. It was absurdly funny.

The movie is about a thief who runs through a grave and a cultural asset. Still, there is a chase scene where he goes to China, digs the ground, and is chased and chased by gangsters around the cultural property, and I enjoyed watching it as a general entertainment movie.

Lee Je-hoon has many stories. I think he’ll be like this in the second half. When I do business with the president or talk to Shin Hye-sun, I try to exaggerate and speak in a cool way, but my character seems slightly lighter because it’s not a line that I do every day. It’s not natural.

Cho Woo-jin’s character is a character who stole a lot in his old days. Still, he is a fun character who works again at the recommendation of Lee Je-hoon after retirement. He is a light and funny character with little seriousness, unlike his previous character.

I’m Won-hee’s character, who has an impact since his appearance, is a good digger, and it was funny when he joined Lee Je-hoon’s team, but he has a little less weight than other team members. He seemed like a funny character like Dachimawari when he appeared, but he appeared after the middle of the movie, and only one theft episode was a small part of it.

I thought Shin Hye-sun’s character would have a story like Lee Je-hoon, but it wasn’t, so I was a little curious. I thought she would have a connection with Lee Je-hoon, but it was unexpected.

I went to a temple, stole a Buddhist statue, stole a mural, stole a sword of King Taejo Lee Seong-Hye, who was sleeping in the tomb, and had fun stories. So I was immersed in the movie, but I didn’t have much tension in the movie while stealing, and the second half was more predictable than the movie, but it was so predictable.

Since it’s an entertaining movie, there’s nothing left after watching it. Still, I enjoyed watching it because there were many interesting and interesting situations with thieves, cultural assets, resentment, and stories.

Look at you, Sapdari Lim Won-hee!
I’ll introduce you to a girl, dig a tunnel!

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