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Choi Yi-young (Shin Min-ah) and Soo-jin (Lee Yoo-young) start diving together when they are young, and they also train together on the same team when they grow up. Choi Yi-young has the best driving skills and wins first place in the competition, but Soo-jin (Lee Yoo-young) can’t win because she doesn’t show any special skills.

Sujin wants to admit her skills and stop being a diver.

The director calls Lee Young and tells her not to worry about Soo-jin but to work out her own sports.

Lee Young-Eun consoles Su-jin, who wants to quit her diving career, and persuades Su-jin to work hard again.

One night, Lee and Soo-jin were in an accident while together, and Su-jin went missing and disappeared after that day.

The movie does not have many characters and almost runs on top of Shin Min-ah. Without any movie information, I didn’t watch the trailer and went to watch the movie. I thought it would feel like a scary movie, but it’s not a horror movie. It’s definitely not a scary movie.

I think the story of Soojin in the early and mid-term disappeared, and Choi Yi-young became weird, and things were revealed in the second half of the year. But it wasn’t that tense, and it was too easy. The story seems to be interesting, but the movie overall wasn’t that fun.
There wasn’t much tension. I thought it’d be better to act scarier. If I had used Lee Yoo-young’s role better, it would have been a more fun movie. I think I only gave Shin Min-ah a lot of footage.

Shin Min-ah’s early and late memories are different, but the police don’t find clues one by one and investigate them, but they reveal the ending by themselves in the movie, so it wasn’t fun to find out about the case one by one.

The reality and imagination are mixed up due to Shin Min-ah’s insanity, and the accidents with the director in the second half and with Shin Min-ah and Lee Yoo-young, which are revealed in the second half, can confuse.
But I couldn’t understand why Shin Min-ah suddenly became like this. Jealousy? Guilty? First place pressure?
It’s not that Lee Yoo-young appeared and pressured me mentally or that I’m not that bad at all. It just gets a little weird all of a sudden.

It was a movie that combines a strange material called diving with a thriller genre. It wasn’t scary and didn’t have a tight schedule like a well-made thriller movie. The main character was turning into a weird person. It was like a normal thriller movie. It might have been better to use the role of Lee Yoo-young from the moment of the accident to run into a horror movie.
When Shin Min-ah practiced alone in the diving pool, she turned off the water when she was showering. There were many creepy scenes where the water came out, and when it was time for the movie to explode, nothing was coming out, and there was a scary turning point in the movie where she touched the wound on her forehead.
I wish Lee Yoo-young’s character would have scared Shin Min-ah using CG, but it was a bit disappointing. Because of the expectation of horror movies, I wrote the writing based on the disadvantages, but it was a movie with basic fun and the running time was short, so nothing was boring. In the second half, Shin Min-ah and Lee Yoo-young’s story, the accident’s cause, and the relationship between them were all shown, but they showed a neat ending with unexpected stories.

I like watching scary movies at the theater sometimes. It’s not a horror movie that’s different from what I thought, but it was a bit disappointing, but it was a comeback film for Shin Min-ah after a long time, and it was a good movie to watch. I hope that I can make a good result with the corona.

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