Marie Curie (Review/Information)

Maria Scwardowska (Rosamond Pike) is Polish, but she’s been working at a lab in Paris, France, and she’s been notified to leave the lab.

Maria happens to meet a man named Pierre Curie (Sam Riley) along the way, and she gets married and changed her name to Marie Curie.

Marie Curie discovers a new radium element, the result of a joint study with her husband Pierre, and wins the Nobel Prize with her husband.

After losing her husband Pierre in a sudden accident, Marie goes to college as a professor and continues her research.

The movie begins with the study of Marie Curie after she became an adult, and there is no story of her hometown Poland or childhood.
Marie, who is proud and stubborn, meets Pierre Curie, has a child with the man after marriage, and tells the story of her whole life, but it would have been better if she personally introduced her childhood and studying in France.

First of all, it would be okay to show the children who are interested in science or science, and it is the same movie as her autobiographies, such as the life story of Madame Curie, the research process, and the Nobel Prize.
In the movie, there is a scene where Marie Curie studies and uses her technology, including the Hiroshima atomic bomb and the Nevada nuclear test.

It feels like the movie is a bit long, but if you’re interested, you can enjoy it like that, but if the code doesn’t fit or you’re not interested, it might be a bit boring.
I was sleepy at the beginning and the middle of the night, but it was okay after I got over the hump, and I didn’t miss any scenes, but my wife slept well next to me in the middle of the day.

It’s a movie by Rosamond Pike that was released after a long time since the 2017 Montana Enteve operation in 2018.
I first saw a charming actor in Tom Cruise’s movie Jack Reacher in 2012, and I think ‘Find Me’ with Ben Affleck in 2014 is the representative work.

Sam Riley, who plays Pierre Curie, is an actor who is not particularly known except Maleficent.

Marie Curie’s daughter, Irene Curie, was played by Anya Taylor Joy of the Netflix series Queen’s Gambit, who appears from the second half, but doesn’t have much footage.
After Marie Curie, daughter Irene Curie also won the Nobel Prize.

Her daughter, Irene, and her mother Marie went to the hospital where the wounded were, saw the soldiers. At her daughter’s recommendation, they built and distributed the mobile X-ray machine, which she discovered, played a major role in the war, and is still in use today.

After a long time, I only saw the character movie Marie Curie, which was based on a true story, but I couldn’t find out her achievements, love, and privacy. If you get the code, I think you can enjoy it.

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