Mulan review and information

Mulan is the eldest daughter of the Fahrenheit family, good at martial arts and a brave daughter, and her father also participated in the war, and she has strong self-esteem and deep patriotism.

Northern orange is trying to attack the emperor of the Chinese Imperial City and move to the Imperial City to continue winning the battle.

The emperor (Lee Yeon-Jul) says one of the men from each family will join the war as the country is in danger.

In the end, Mulan hides that she’s a woman on behalf of her sick father and participates in the battle.

Disney’s live-action film Mulan, following the animation-based Aladdin, was released through Disney+ service and was released in countries where Disney+ service is not available.
I didn’t watch Mulan animation, but I was going to watch Mulan animation on Netflix, but I thought it would be better to watch it without knowing the contents, so I didn’t watch it.
Disney makes Mulan films in the U.S., and actors are Chinese actors, but the language is 100% English. At first, it was awkward for Chinese actors to use only English, but I quickly got used to it.

There were many great scenes in the background, and I don’t know whether the castle or the buildings were a set or CG, but it was grand and nice, but it was fun to watch it on a big screen.

I thought there would be many large-scale combat scenes in the army after the war, but there were fewer than I thought. Although it is a war movie, Mulan’s main character is focused on the action of individual activities rather than the large-scale war of the army.

Although Gyeonjadan’s action is worth seeing, there are not many action scenes because he is not the main character, but he showed an impact even though he is not a great general who teaches training soldiers and leads the army.

The scene where you reveal your identity in the men’s episode of “Mulan,” take off your armor, relax your head, and ride a horse was touching and beautiful in harmony with the background music.

You can see the transformation of the soldiers with Mulan from a messy training camp to a soldier. The love of his comrades, who are disguised as men, are alone in men, but some comrades share the joys and sorrows of life and death, so Mulan’s story was able to produce a good ending.

I’m sure they made a real-life movie based on the original film, but in the case of witches, they are quite powerful characters who can control the war. Although they influenced Mulan’s main character, I don’t know if the original was like this, but there was a bit of a shame about the witch’s ending.

I couldn’t watch the animated Mulan, but it was my first time seeing it as a real-life movie, but compared to Chinese Hong Kong war movies and martial arts movies, I couldn’t find much difference speak in English.
It was a movie that I expected a lot, but it was fun enough to watch. Especially, there was no blood splashing in the movie or showing cruel and naked action, but it was a good story about courage, hope, and family, so it would have been a good movie as a family movie if the release time was good.
The movie theater is 270 people, but 135 people can enter the theater with distance, and I watched it with 6 people. I wondered if it was the theater full on the opening day of Frozen 2, but it was generally quiet. I enjoyed the movie “Mulan,” which was released during the hardest time, but I’ll wait and see how many viewers it will attract.

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