Neighborhood (Review/Information of the premiere)

The preview of the movie, scheduled to be released on November 25, was held at Lotte Cinema on Wednesday, 18th, and I went there because I won the contest.

There was a long line at the ticket distribution place, and a lot of people came to watch the movie at Lotte Cinema 5. I think there are more than 240 people in the 262-seat theater, and although the distance to the movie theater is over, I checked my body temperature and entered the information when I received the ticket.

Before the movie started, it was a promotional screen for my neighbor’s house, and after the movie theater seat distance was over, many people came to see me, so I felt a bit hot and stuffy because there were many people.

When the movie starts, Lee Eui-sik (Oh Dal-soo) enters the country through the airport with his colleagues, and the government’s response team checks Lee Eui-sik, who is willing to run for president and gives him a house arrest.

Chief Kim (Kim Hee-won) of the government’s response team visits the presidential office (Jungwoo), rumored to be a wiretapping unit.

The presidential election, supported by the government response team, will stay next door to Lee Eui-sik with his colleagues and tap Lee Eui-sik to keep his candidacy in check.

The provincial government team often encounters Lee Eui-sik, learns his humanity and sincerity, and the provincial government unexpectedly helps the Lee family.

The movie is a comic period drama. The background is set in the Chun Doo-hwan administration in the 80s or Roh Tae-woo administration in the late 80s and 90s. It seems to be close to the Chun Doo-hwan administration, and the overall story and character are fictional.
Oh, Dal-su played character is president and suspects the same situation former Kim Dae-Jung is quick Act, including, but speaks with a Jeolla-do accent. My legs have problems dadeonjiThere’s no image.

When the movie starts, Jung-woo carries the word “red” or “red” around his mouth, but it’s not good to hear, and it’s worth watching him change little by little as the middle part of the movie passes.
Although it is a fictional movie that reflects the situation of the times to a certain extent, there are some reliable and unreasonable settings.

The eavesdropping team seems amateurish and a little bit childish, but the scenes where they suspect Lee Eui-sik or other people around them, suspecting spies or internal relations with North Korea, and there are many interesting scenes in the movie, such as the situation where members of the wiretapping team impersonate Oh Dal-soo.

While Jung-woo visits Oh Dal-soo’s house, there are interesting situations and stories about books, and there are many interesting ad-libs in the middle, so the audience bursts into laughter, and as they go to the second half, they develop a closer relationship.

Nami’s most frequently mentioned and mentioned music in the movie is Nami’s bingle. Lee Mun-she’s “Starry Night” plays Oh Dal-sun’s song request on a radio program, and the eavesdropping team suspects the lyrics, “I’m just looking at it. I’m just looking at it.” It’s funny, and there are many banned songs according to the times.

There were many stories about eavesdropping, but there were many personal stories about Jungwoo’s family and Oh Dalsoo’s family, and I could see the warm family.

In this work, Jung-woo was good at acting, and his role was from Busan, so he used Busan dialect and had a good feeling.
Actor Kim Byung-Chul of the provincial government team said, “Let’s live together. Let’s live together.” When Jung-woo said, “I’m living with tears in my eyes, and I’m living with my family, and we’re all trying to live together.” I was moved.

In 2009, the two actors, who were not well-known in the movie “Wind” about Busan, have now become recognized actors and met again in the movie.
When I saw Jungwoo and Oh Dal-soo go to the public bath, I thought of a scene where Jungwoo and his father go to the public bath in a friendly way in the movie wind, and it was a warm scene.

First of all, I enjoyed watching the movie, and it was a bit touching, but the casting part could be a problem, but Oh Dal-Su is the main character, not the supporting actor, so there’s a lot of footage. He’s not Jung-woo’s one-top overall, but Oh Dal-soo and Jung-woo’s two-top storyline.
With God, Oh Dal-soo’s sexual assault on Me Too broke out before the sequel release, so he cut off all the scenes of Oh Dal-soo, who had been filmed, and released them after filming again.
The women were currently not punished for innocence or defamation, and somehow Oh Dal-Su apologized for his wrongdoing, and I don’t know which one is true.

When I left after watching the movie, I thought, “I enjoyed the movie, but why did you cast Oh Dal-soo? I thought there were many other actors… but it’s been a long time since I filmed it.
People who believe in actor Oh Dal-Su may enjoy it, but those who think that actor Oh Dal-Su is not good because of the Me Too incident can be uncomfortable to watch throughout the movie.

The movie “Neighborhood” ends filming in February 2018, before the Me To revelation, and is being postponed indefinitely and released this time.
Can’t we watch a movie? Many people think that Oh Dal-soo’s character is a good neighbor in the movie and a politician for the people who are on the right path to politics. Whenever I see him on the screen, I can’t help but think of him, so the role of Oh Dal-soo interferes with the immersion.
The verdict is better without charges, but there is room for misunderstanding because it was not clear that he was innocent in response to the victims of Me Too for defamation or innocence.

Personally, in terms of the movie alone, I watched it as a warm, fun, meaningful, and fun period drama, but I think it was too much to watch actor Oh Dal-soo on screen for a long time.
For actor Oh Dal-soo to reach the audience more, he needs to do a lot of good deeds and work and build up a good image in the future.
We’ll have to open the lid to see how the audience reacts.

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