Paths of the Soul, 2015

I watched this movie with my wife at the movie theater in Kunming. At that time, many Hollywood blockbusters were being released in Chinese cinemas, and my wife chose to watch this movie. What’s unique is that I remember being amazed by the different ticket prices in each movie. The movie we chose was the cheapest because it wasn’t a famous movie.
I recommend this movie because I don’t think many of you have seen it. There is no fancy story, but it feels like watching Tibetans with observation cameras. If you’re curious about three steps or one step more than the Tibetan people, I think this movie can help you to understand your curiosity to some extent.
Wouldn’t this act, which seems to be of little use to those who don’t believe in Tibetan Buddhism, be, in fact, similar to the repetitive actions we are currently doing? When you look inside the Earth from outer space, you might not be much different in the end. I heard that spacing out helps with creative thinking, but I think three or one times is a kind of healing that can get rid, of course.
In a recent program called “The Wizard of the Outland,” I envy my neighbors, who are a wide-spread Earth, but I often feel ashamed when I look at myself, who is always suspicious and unable to think about losing money. I want to look back on myself with this kind of performance and try to make any changes.

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