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Since it’s the weekend, I watched the last movie, mortgage following Greenland’s international investigation, which was released during the Chuseok season.

Du-Seok (Seong Dong-il) and his team member (Jong-bae) Kim Hee-won are employees of a private loan business (financial business) company, and one day they find a creditor, a Korean-Chinese master (Kim Yoon-jin).

The master has to pay the money back to the private moneylender, but he asks the owner to take care of the situation because he has no money. However, Du-Seok takes Seung-Yi (Park So-Yi), the daughter of Myeong-JA, as collateral, and when he meets her the next day, he will send Seung-Yi for money.

The day after Seung-Yi’s uncle promised to pay back the money and send Seung-Yi to a wealthy family, Du-Seok takes over Seung-Yi to his uncle and returns, but it’s not easy to feel at all.

I told him to call me if anything happened, but he didn’t hear from me, and I wondered where he was, and he finally called me.

I can say that the movie is a family movie, but the wrong side of the private moneylender is rarely seen, and it tells the human story of two or three people.

Sung Dong-Il Pyo shows a warm and right person I have often seen in dramas and movies, and Kim Hee Won is also a private loan worker, but he is not a particularly bad person. Kim Yun-jin is Park So-Yi’s mother, but her portion and role are not that big, and Sung Dong-il and Kim Hee-won spend more time with Kim Yun-jin’s daughter.

In between, Sung Dong-il and Kim Hee-won’s ad-libs are funny and funny, but as the middle part of the story passes, laughter gradually falls out and moves on to sad stories. In the second half of the movie, I was sad and choked up watching the film while shedding tears.

Sung Dong-il, who was fine in the early and mid-term, seemed to have led to a bad situation in the second half of the year, and he said, “What do you think will happen to Sung Dong-il if that happens?” But as expected, I have a feeling that Sung Dong-il has been talking too clearly and sadly. I can’t miss a sad story in a family movie, but it seems that I put a tragic story in the second half.

It’s sad in the second half, but the ending was better because it was a happy ending. We were able to end it with a smile in our sadness. But if you think about it, it’s a sad ending. Happy ending? I think we made a good compromise between the two ends, and I thought it would be too low if it were a 100 percent sad ending.

Actor Kim Hee-won of BTS appeared in both the international investigation and the security films currently being released, but his character’s color is entirely different. He’s a little scary in global research, but he’s sloppy, ad-libbing, and complaining to Sung Dong-il, but he’s always being dragged around.
There are a lot of fun ad-libs in conversations with Sung Dong-il. Compared to Kim Hee-won’s previous appearances, I think his character is a little similar to Han-soo’s teacher, but he’s not a villain, he’s not a right person, he’s not a good fighter, and he’s funny once in a while.

I was surprised that Ha Ji-won didn’t seem to get older, and she didn’t seem to get older. Her role as a college student wasn’t that difficult. I don’t think she’s getting old because she’s taking good care of herself.

As expected, the main character of Bojang was Park So-Yi, a pretty and affectionate child actor. I liked the sad and pathetic role, and I played the lovely, cute, and cute role without difficulty. He carried a more giant bag than himself, which was tragic and cute at the same time.

There’s usually an image of a wrong person as a private moneylender. Still, there are worse people than private money lenders in the movie, and I’m a moneylender, but Sung Dong-il, who is responsible and warm until the end, doesn’t look so good.

It’s a 1993 story about Seo Taiji and Boys, and Seung likes Seo Taiji and Boys, talks about records, and Sung Dong-il and Kim Hee-won know me. It was funny when I sang, it was sung.

I watched the security for the last time among the opening films of the Chuseok holiday, and although it was sad, there were many interesting stories. It was a warm movie to watch with my family, and I think it will be easy for the whole family to watch with my children.

The story of a young daughter separated from her mother and a private loan worker, Sung Dong-il, unfolded a sad but warm tale of two people living with hope in it, and although they are not biological parents, meet at the movie theater with the story of two women who somehow ended up being a father and a daughter.


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