Tenet review and information

The main character John David Washington is the son of actor Denzel Washington. Does he look like him? I’m not sure.
Each community movie bulletin board is covered with Tenet stories, and there are a few likes and dislikes. It’s been 4 days since I watched the movie, so I don’t remember exactly, but I’ll talk about the movie that I enjoyed.
The image file other than the released photo is the captured image of the YouTube trailer.

In the movie, Tenet is the name of the organization, and inversion is the future technology that can reverse time. You can reverse the time by passing through the revolving door, but you cannot reuse the revolving door one after another, and you must use another rotating door to return to the normal flow time zone.
If the Inversion unit passes through the Rotation Gate and turns the Rotation Gate to the opposite side, the time moves backward. There is a condition that if you run into each other, you should not run into yourself in the normal time zone. The two will disappear.

In the beginning, there was a clash between a large terrorist group and a riot squad at the opera theater. It’s a little confusing, so it’s nice to see it later, but once I saw it, I couldn’t understand it, but after I learned about the Inversion, I felt as if I could look back at the beginning.
When I first watched the movie, I felt that the music and sound made my heart flutter from the opera theater scene, and most people who watched the movie thought that the overall sound was good, such as music and sound effects.

In the Tenet secret facility, which keeps items that are inverted to the time, the main character gets to know the items in the inversion and learns about the reversal of time. These are quite interesting items, but the scenes where bullets come up upside down and the shots that have already been fired come back to play were very interesting.

The main character goes into the inversion of time, and there are great action scenes and driving scenes. ‘What was the car I saw before?’ ‘Is it this car?’ ‘Is it the car that was flipped?’ ‘The car that was flipped?’ The cars that were running normally in the twisted time, and the cars playing in reverse, combined with the urgency and the coexistence of me and me now.

The main character and Neil, who first went to the freeport to steal the painting, fought with two unknown men in combat uniforms and later fought when the main character, Neil and Cat went back to the freeport. Still, they were surprised to learn that they had fought against the normal time’s main character, Neil, and themselves, who were going against time.
Neal knew the Inversion because he came from the future in reverse time, and it seems that Neil and the current main character, who fought back in time when they fought in Report, met each other.

Neil’s main character met in the future, and Neil came back from the distant future to the present, so he knew a lot about the main character.
And say to the main character like this. “What happens happens happens,” regardless of the reversal of time.
And in the movie, there’s a story about my grandfather, and I don’t really understand this part, but I was told that I exist even if I kill my grandfather while watching the movie.
The reason for this story is that our descendants in the distant future are trying to exterminate us, who have ruined the Earth’s environment when it becomes difficult to live on Earth.

Cat’s an art connoisseur? However, he makes the mistake of misjudging the work, and he buys the fake work. If you divorce, your husband will be vulnerable because he can hurt Cat by revealing his art appraisal mistakes.
My husband is on a deadline, but he is trying to destroy the present by dealing with future forces, but if he dies, the algorithm automatically goes over, and the world can collapse.
Cat doesn’t love him, but he keeps him from dying, and he wants to save the world by joining hands with Neil’s main character. It’s like meeting me in the past, meeting me in the same time zone, but it’s just passing by in time.
After Inverting, Kat, who went back to the normal time zone, was in the same time zone as me but did not meet directly.
I’m confused here a lot, so in the current state of time in normal flow, are there two cats?
Wouldn’t there be two people if the cat who dived doesn’t have an inversion? I don’t remember where Cat went after the dive. A lot of people are confused, but I’m confused too. I can’t help it if I don’t understand, no matter how much you talk and explain the situation.

The last battle scene had something to see, but I was confused about who was who because the current operational forces and the Inverted operational forces were mixed up, and they seemed to be going backward.
The main character and Neil were involved in the bag that I saw underground, and I was looking at the hooks, death, death, and death without thinking, but I couldn’t understand what was going on in the second half right away, but if I look at it one more time, I think I’ll understand what’s going on.

After the operation, the main character breaks up with Neil, but he tries to save him again in the future. Unfortunately, Neil is destined to do so.

As I said in the previous article, most of you might have watched the movie, but don’t think it’s too hard if you want to watch it. Just watch it as it flows.
It’s not because you’re too smart, but it’s because you can’t understand the time and situation. So don’t think too much about the movie. Watch it comfortably and look for related comments later.
If I have time on the weekend, I will watch it again and organize it in my head. If I find out about the double-track lines and other situations, in the beginning, I think I’ll be able to see what I missed when I first saw them. I want to watch it again because it was fun.
If I were to talk about Tenet, it would be nice to clearly and clearly tell you, but I’m not organized yet, so I think I’ll have to wrap this up now.



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