Tesla review and information

First of all, the plot tells the story of Addison and his once-employee and rival Tesla.
Direct current DC Edison and AC Tesla confront each other in Edison’s company, and Tesla leaves the company, with Edison dominating the market. Still, Tesla doesn’t stop developing and gradually advances technology and eventually starts to overtake Edison.

Ethan Hawke, born in 1970 at 51 years old in Korea, is a new movie by Ethan Hawke, a veteran actor who has been continuously filming movies since the 1980s. Still, there are many unopened movies and very few super-hot hits in Korea, but I know it because I heard the name Ethan Hawke, but I can’t think of any of them.

His research and the story of a colleague helping him and a woman around her and her investment continues throughout the movie. When I saw Tesla in the movie, I could see that he was a humane and respectable person who worked for people who were not helped by humanity and science, rather than for personal gain.

The movie also has a unique setting in the middle, but when acting in front of the picture or front of the screen background, the screen production was a little fresh, and some stories were not true, thinking what Tesla would have done in the past. In the movie, narration or explanation scenes, things from the current era sometimes appear, but several products such as LCD monitors, smartphones, vacuum cleaners, headphones, etc.

The movie is talking about Tesla’s alternating current biography and his scientific talent. The subject is an interesting story, but since it is based on a true story of a character, the immersion and tension are lower than the fictional movies, so that it may be a little boring. Many interesting movies are based on a character’s life story, but Tesla’s story was relatively boring. But I think it would have been more interesting to lead the story more intensively or make the story more dramatic with Edison.

The movie talks about Tesla’s research and his overall life, and it was a time to learn about Tesla’s character, but as soon as the movie started, I felt strangely unenthusiastic, but I think it wasn’t enough for fun.
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