The Day I Died: Unclosed Case review and information

When the movie starts, Sejin (Roh Jeong-eun), an important witness of the trial on a typhoon day, stands on a cliff on the beach and feels like she’s about to jump, and the screen changes shortly.

Hyun-soo Kim Kyung-wi (Kim Hye-soo) is in the middle of a divorce settlement. The police position is suspended for a while, so he is in a serious situation and discusses it with his divorce lawyer.

The police team leader asks Hyun-soo to look into an incident before returning to work and close it.

Hyun-soo, who entered the island, recounts the traces of missing Se-jin one by one.

Hyun-soo meets Sunchonjip (Lee Jeong-Eun), the house owner where Se-jin stayed, but she cannot speak.

Hyun-soo goes around looking for a case before he returns to his post at the team leader’s instruction.

Before watching the movie, I thought it was a thriller drama, but the first trend seemed to be an investigative drama. But as the story unfolds, the atmosphere is a bit strange, but I have to investigate and find out the truth of the case, but it’s boring, and it’s hard to solve the problem, and it feels like something’s dragging, so I’m losing my immersion and keep tossing and turning.

We have to find clues and clues to the case, but the focus is on the past of Kim Hye-soo’s divorce and the police’s reinstatement. It’s getting further away from the thriller I thought of.
Before Kim Hye-soo leaves the case in the middle, who are the girls in charge, the villagers who seem suspicious, and the brother of the missing girl? I think it’s suspicious, and it’s all over the place, but I can’t solve anything without telling you anything.
Why did they come out on that scene? What’s the ending? There’s an ending, but it seems like a lot of the process has been omitted, and the rest of it is just a running-time drag?

In the movie, Hyun-soo (Kim Hye-soo) felt sympathy and affinity with Se-jin (Roh Jung-Eun), but when you watch the movie, do you have to do something that? That’s what I thought.
It seems to be a thriller movie, but as the movie gets warmer in the second half, it’s not a new movie that tries to squeeze tears out of nowhere.

I think it could be a little healing for us who are tired of life and hope for those who are having a hard time watching the movie and comforted by the main character Hyun-soo himself.
We are to others, how we live for ourselves, how we live for ourselves, and how we live for happiness, and it’s a movie that we can approach in many ways, but it’s a difference between us whether we can relate to each other.
But… fun… The end… the end is…
I thought it was a thriller movie. Is it a healing movie?
I thought it was a thriller movie that searches for missing persons, investigates with clues, and tracks who’s the culprit, but it wasn’t an obvious thriller investigative movie.


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