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It is the last Wednesday of Culture Day, and September was the last Tuesday of the last week, September 29th, and many movies were released. Still, one of them was the International Investigation.

The international investigation did not have flyers like some movies these days, but instead, a promotional board is placed at Lotte Cinema’s Busan headquarters. On the first day of its release, the event was held on Culture Day, so more audiences came in than I thought.

Celebrating the 10th anniversary’s 10th anniversary, Hong Byung-soo’s (Kwak Do-won) family decided to travel abroad to the Philippines, where their wives had been begging for it.

Hong Byung-soo, a violent crime detective at Daecheon Police Station, takes a leave of absence and goes to the Philippines after receiving travel expenses collected by the same team.

Hwang Man-Cheol (Kim Dae-Myung), who left Korea after causing trouble, will be encountered in the Philippines, and Hong Byung-soo (Kwak Do-won) will hear about Kim Yong-bae (Kim Sang-ho), who left after causing financial damage to himself.

Kim Yong-bae (Kim Sang-ho), a friend of Hong Byung-soo when he was young, is in prison in the Philippines under the false charge of murder. Still, he knows the whereabouts of a great treasure, while Patrick (Kim Hee-won), who was chasing Kim Yong-bae, who knew the treasure’s location, faces Hong Byung-soo.

The international investigation of the movie is a pleasant action comic investigation. I enjoyed it a lot, but I heard that the wife I went with was a little childish, but I personally like this kind of movie.
It was a movie that was easy to watch because there was no proper action, cheerful laughter, and cruelty, and it was a story that could be seen to a certain extent by men and women of all ages. Personally, I think it would have been quite successful if it wasn’t for the corona. During the holidays, families of all ages and men gathered together to watch it together. It was a movie where many people laughed while watching movie.

The story is getting bigger and bigger. At first, Byung-soo (Kwak Do-won) was in trouble whether Yong-bae (Kim Sang-ho) was robbed or swindled by his wife. Still, he went on a family trip to the Philippines to meet Man-Cheol (Kim Dae-Myung) and hear the news of Yong-bae’s late-night Yong-bae. Another story unfolds, the story becomes more interesting.

Most of them were filmed overseas, so it would have cost a lot of money to produce, and the break-even point would be quite high, but it was a movie that had to be a hit, so it was worth adjusting the release time.

The character itself is just Kwak Do-won.
He’s good at speaking in Chungcheong-do dialect, but it perfectly fits his appearance, so he was a character of Chungcheong-do who I liked.
It was good that the alternative actor expressed the character so well that I couldn’t imagine it, and when I watched the movie, even the cool actor didn’t fit the character, and it was just a character that matched Kwak Do-won.

In addition to the main casting actor (Kwak Do-won, Kim Dae-Myung, Kim Hee-won), there are many interesting characters from the beginning. The female bank employee with a serious expression that drives Kwak Do-won was funny.

The character of Mrs. Kwak Do-won, who was anxious to go on an overseas trip, cried and cried in the beginning. It was so funny that I was talking about crazy people.

The character of Kwak Do-won’s daughter, who coaches the couple between mother and father sensibly, was also interesting.

I think the gang members also took bribes and shared them, and the scenes of the tit-for-tat between the team leader and the team members were also interesting. The violent crime teams are specially paid for friendship appearances.

Another scene-stealer from the international investigation, Philippine Combi. They seemed like weird people, but they were funny and showed off their punch.

The Chungcheong-do dialect that Kwak Do-won and Kim Dae-Myung met in the Philippines sounded very interesting. As soon as I started my trip to the Philippines, there was a chase, and I was expecting many fun things to happen here in the Philippines.

Among the scenes where Kim Dae-Myung drives and Kwak Do-won travels to the Philippines together, there are several scenes where the scenery outside the car is synthesized. This scene reminds me of Hapseong-myeon, the background of the Kill Bill movie.

Kim Hee-won is a bit cruel, but there are no funny scenes directly, but he creates many funny scenes in the context.

I appeared in Kwak Do-won, Kim Hee-won, and Kim Dae-Myung on “Kwak Do-won, Kim Dae-Myung.” I recently appeared in variety shows to promote Kwak Do-won’s actor because the movie will be released, but it must have been embarrassing because the movie was postponed. I was sorry that the tickets were postponed and the tickets were canceled because it was scheduled to be released in August this summer.

The movie was released during the Chuseok holiday season after acting repeatedly. It was still interesting in many ways, including a role that fits each character, a proper action, a funny situation, and interesting stories chased and chased in the Philippines. There is nothing special left because it is an entertaining movie. Still, if you like a pleasant and enjoyable movie, it would be good to watch an international investigation during this Chuseok holiday.

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