The New Mutants review and information

I think it was the poster that I used when I heard it would be released for the first time. I think it was called X-Men New Mutant. The title of the movie was just released as a New Mutant.
I went to Lotte Cinema, and there was no flyer to see if the distributor had made the flyer.

I couldn’t sit on the curb because I was in the middle of the street setting in the Coronado movie theater, but there was no audience, so I watched it quietly and comfortably.
There aren’t a few people in the audience, so I’m going to turn on the projector to make tens of thousands of won, turn on the air conditioner and turn on the movie because of the large movie theater air conditioning.
Since there are no audiences in the theater, few employees or part-timers are due to a sharp drop in sales. When the Corona ends and the big movie is released, the movie theater is crowded, and the part-timers and staff members will return to the theater and be a lively movie theater.

Daniel Munsta (Blue Hunt) is the last member to come into the hospital.

Lane has the ability to transform, and he’s got the W mark on his body.

Ilyana (Anya Taylor Joy) has a powerful weapon in her body.

Sam (Charlie Heaton) has the ability to run wild. I thought he was an actor I’ve seen before, but he’s an actor who came out in a strange story.

Roberto has the ability to burn hot.

I’m a doctor in charge of managing the hospital members, and I’m alone with the members without anyone helping me with the building, and the doctor has a special ability.

Danny (Daniel Munster), who is breaking up with his father, enters the hospital.

Dr. Reyes (Alice Braga) is helping friends who have come in since childhood to live as normal adults.

Danny meets Rain, Roberto, Illinois, Sam for the first time with many friends.

The hospital was closed with invisible walls so that the members could not leave certain areas and go outside as they wanted because they were meant for them.

Dr. Reyes installs CCTVs in various hospital places and monitors the members for signs of abnormalities due to their superpowers.

Danny’s superpowers, which had never been known, are beginning to emerge, and there’s a conflict between Dr. Reyes and the members and what’s going to happen to the members and what’s going to happen to the hospital?

I enjoyed watching the movie the most, except for Tenet. I think it was more fun because I like hero movies or SF movies.
The story, scale, action, CG, etc., are not comparable to the existing X-Men series, but they are quite immersive, tense, and fun to watch the new X-Men character’s starting point, which has not been properly trained yet.

Personally, I prefer bright movies, but overall, the movie feels a bit dark. It’s a horror SF action movie, but it’s not a scary movie, but it’s more like a hero action movie.
The movie’s background is mostly hospitals and limited places, so it’s a bit stuffy, but after leaving the hospital, the story will change to X-Men.

As nightmares unfold, various demonic beings emerge and compete with members with various superpowers.

New Mutant members will grow into X-Men members later on, and they will also have separate hero names: Daniel Munsta (Mirage), Illyana Rasputin (Magic), Rain Sinclair (Wolfsbane), Sam Guthrie (Cannon Ball), Roberto – Bobby da Costa (Sunspot).

I think this movie was made into a horror movie when it was first produced, but when I watched the re-filmed movie, it was more like a hero action movie and a horror movie before the re-filming. I wonder what kind of movie it was.

The movie may not be as big or as fun as the Axman series, but if the movie focuses on the story of New Mutant and the X-Men’s character background, if it succeeds, the members of New Mutant will be able to make a bigger and more fun movie.

The background seemed like a story decades ago, but there are no TV sets, no TV sets, no high-tech equipment, and no props that show the background of the times. Marvel Captain America is a frozen human and has a time background with the Avengers, and I wonder how he would fit the time background if NewMutents were successful.

We’ll have to wait and see how the movie will turn out in a tough time with the corona, even though it’s been hard to re-shoot the new characters that will grow into X-Men.

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