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It’s been a while since Jang Hyuk’s action movie was released, and I had some time to watch it.

They (Jang Hyuk) was a guard at King Gwanghae, but after the rebellion changed the king, he quietly stayed in the mountains with his daughter.

My daughter Tae-ok (Kim Hyun-soo) comes down to the village to worry about her father, who lives with his father but has poor eyesight and to heal his eyes.

Gurutai (Jo Taslim) of the Qing Dynasty enters Joseon, sells prisoners of war, presses the king and officials, and the military is in a situation where they cannot do this or that.

Min Seung-ho (Jeong Man-Sik) served King Gwanghae (Jang Hyeon-Seong), but he joined the rebellion and escorted a new king before leaving the government office and returning the general public.

Meanwhile, Tae-Yul and Tae-ok came down to the village.
Tae-ok is the foster daughter of Yi Mok-yo (Choi Jin-ho), a nobleman in government service, but Tae-ok is caught by Gurutai and is in danger.

First of all, as an action movie, swordsmanship action stands out, and Jang Hyuk practiced Jeet Kwon Do light, so the action was natural and nice. Basically, it’s a sword action, so you cut and stab with a knife, so you basically use a certain amount of cruelty, but it doesn’t show the blood splashing or anything.

With a knife and the soldiers of the Qing Dynasty with guns, they fight a great battle with swordsmanship action.

Can a sword win a gun and a sword fight?
A pistol or a rifle today, frankly, is too much for a sword to win, but it’s a very early gun, so I think it was a good fight.

The movie is in a dilemma about what’s right and wrong. If you build up your self-esteem and fight against the Qing Dynasty, it’s obvious that the people will be hurt or killed by a massive invasion. Still, you can’t continue to see the material tribute and the frustrating Joseon Dynasty.

Min Seung-ho (Jung Man-Sik) and Tae-Yul, the warrior who escorted the king, are playing a match, and Min Seung-ho is not a villain, but he has his own beliefs.

I also enjoyed watching the Japanese sword action movie “The Wind’s Sword,” which I watched a long time ago, and it suddenly came to my mind when I saw the swordsman. The character of the wind’s sword is cool and fights so well that it’s based on animation, so the action is a bit fictional.
Jang Hyuk’s action in swordsman is a realistic action film filled with realistic action without unrealistic action such as moving very fast or jumping over a building. It wasn’t boring because action scenes came out more often than I thought, and it was fun to watch movie music, raising the tension even more, when there was a duel.
Although the movie is not a common subject because it is an action movie in the Joseon Dynasty, it is quite lively, has something to see, stabs and cuts with a knife, but it was not very cruel.

Jang Hyuk rarely speaks, he is slow to speak, and he has a shallow voice, so the character is cool, but the everyday conversation is so serious. When I listen to the lines, I feel a bit stuffy.
The movie itself is full of laughter, so there’s nothing funny, and it runs from beginning to end with almost serious content. Jang Hyuk lives in seclusion with his daughter in the mountains, so he doesn’t have any special friends, so he doesn’t have any licorice character that makes him laugh once in a while.

I don’t know if the movie company is interested in it or not. I don’t know if it was released suddenly, but I think it would have been better if Jang Hyuk and Jung Man-Sik promoted the movie before the release. It was a historical drama action movie that I watched for a long time, and it was a generally tense movie, full of pressure, action, and fun.

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