Unhinged review and information

I went to the movie theater on the first day of its release on Wednesday, October 7th, and it was about 270 seats, so it was about 135 seats in the distance, but about 8 people watched it, and it was quiet and pleasant. I think there were two employees in the cafeteria, one cleaning staff.

Unhinged means unhinged, unstable, disorganized, and confused, but I think this is the confusing meaning of watching a movie.

Rachel (Karen Pistorius) took her son Kyle (Gabriel Bateman) to school in the morning and left home to go to work.

Cars on the road are packed, cars are moving, and the mind is more urgent, and he’s late, and he’s off with one of Rachel’s big clients.

I’m in a hurry because I’m already late, and the signal turned blue, but the car in front of me doesn’t leave.

Rachel honks her horn and runs past the car in front of her.

A man in the car ahead (Russel Crowe) comes to the next lane, apologizes for having done so by opening the window, and wants to apologize to Rachel for honking her excessive horn.

Rachel did not apologize to the man.

Eventually, the man threatens to have a hard day, and the chase begins with Rachel.

Whether Russell Crowe was such a big man or raised himself for this movie, the pressure from the big movie is great. It’s enough to scare the heroine, Rachel, away from her looks.

Karen Pistorius, who plays Rachel, is from South Africa, born in 1990, has appeared in many movies, but has never appeared in such a famous film and must have appeared as a supporting actor in the Mortal Engine.

The movie “Unhide” is a chase thriller, and if you had to say sorry to the man who wanted to apologize once, it would have been great revenge, but it would have been a car crash or even revenge on the people around the heroine.

The movie is short, but the movie starts 10 minutes after the commercial. The actual running time is less than 1 hour and 30 minutes, so there is not much to be bored about, and it is a chase thriller, so I feel good about the movie. It’s not that fun, but it’s a movie worth watching.

The man in the movie seemed to have no tomorrow, but it’s common sense to run away when the police chase him, but he’s taking revenge until the end, and it’s scary to pressure the main character because he’s so big.

It was too easy to finish in one shot, and the movie was rated “Cheong-Bul.” I guess it was because of the last scene of Nam-Ju, but there was nothing fierce.

The movie is a thriller, so it’s fun, but overall, it’s a bit dull, so I think it could be boring depending on the audience. There’s a chase after the heroine, but the chase wasn’t that exciting, and there wasn’t much to see except for the first explosion scene. There wasn’t much special memory after the movie. I think it was just a thriller. There were a few surprising scenes in the middle. It wasn’t boring, and it was worth watching. Should I say there’s nothing special? It was just simple and worth watching a thriller movie.

The movie is a wake-up call for good manners and revenge driving. After watching the movie, I should drive carefully, drive safely, don’t argue with each other, and apologize before things get bigger.

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