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Yoo Jae-Myung’s new movie, Yoo Ah-in, was released on October 15th, and I watched it right away on the first day of its release; although there weren’t that many people, there were some.

I didn’t know that the movie “No Sound” was released a few days ago, but it suddenly came out. This is the front and back of the flyer from the movie theater.

In Angry multiplex movie theater, staff moved seats are in force and put the street, do not sit, sit down and out talking and went.

Tae-in (Yoo Ah-in) and Chang-bok (Yoo Jae-Myung) are secretly cleaning up bodies at murder scenes.

After the body was processed, I was asked by Kim, the head of the criminal organization, to take care of only one child, but I refused, but I ended up taking care of it with threats like the department’s request.

Changbok and Taeil meet their children at the promised place.

After the kidnappers kidnap Cho-hee (Moon Seung-ah), they hand it over to Tae-il and Chang-bok, and eventually they take her home, but Chang-bok asks Tae-il to take her home and stay with her for one night.

Cho-hee, who was forced to go to Tae-il’s house, also faces Tae-il’s younger brother Eun-Joo.

Taeil, Taeil’s younger brother Eunju, and Cohee, who ended up staying at the same house, ended up staying together.

First of all, it’s a crime movie, but it’s more like a comic crime movie, not scary and vicious criminals. Although it was said to be a comic crime movie, it is lighter and more pleasant than funny.
Without scaring, beating, or intimidating the kidnapped child, Taeil’s younger brother Eun-Joo and Cho-hee call each other’s older sisters and draw, study, and get along well in a given environment. Cho-hee may be in a difficult and scary situation, but she never stimulates the kidnappers, and she cooperates smartly with the kidnappers to return home. And when she goes to dispose of the body, she follows Yoo Jae-Myung and waits silently for the work to be finished.

Yoo Jae-Myung and Yoo Ah-in became victims of the kidnapping law, but they are not scary people like ordinary criminals. But they are just people who dig and bury corpses. They are pure people, they are bent to others, and they are basically good-hearted people.
Although he became a corpse disposal unit and a kidnapper, there is also a calm but fun situation with Cho-hee.

Yoo Ah-in lives in the countryside, but after work with Yoo Jae-Myung, if you take him to a bus station in the countryside, it was nice and relaxing to see Yoo Ah-in riding a bicycle home and running along the country road. It was beautiful to mingle with the sunset.

In the movie, Yoo Ah-in gained a little weight and is alive. It feels very different from the movie, but he has a very modest appearance, not a strong one, and he follows Changbok’s words without any hesitation.
Yoo Ah-in is a mute who can’t speak, but he doesn’t say a word in the movie, but Yoo Jae-Myung didn’t say that Yoo Ah-in doesn’t talk much when he talks with Kim. I don’t know exactly if Yoo Ah-in doesn’t talk or not. Yoo Jae-Myung might have just said that for no reason.

In the movie, Yoo Jae-Myung is uncomfortable with one leg, so it is a little hard to walk, and he works with infants, but he doesn’t seem to receive that much money. I don’t know how you ended up doing this, but you’re a good person, and you’re not a bad person or a bad person, but you’re a person who has a lot of guilt when you do something bad.

The ending was an open ending, but under the circumstances, it would have been the end of being caught by the police and punished by the law.
The story of the two men who worked on the body and became captives was not scary, but rather fun and humanely watched it without the movie’s sound.

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