Steel Rain 2: Summit

I watched the movie with my family at the Lotte Cinema in December 2017, and I was looking forward to the second episode of the movie.

This is South Korean President Han Kyung-Jae (Jung Woo-sung), a North Korean soldier in Steel Rain1.

I’m Kwak Do-won, director of North Korea’s Guards General Bureau, and I think I was the head of the NIS in Kang Chul-bi1.

It is the first VIP shipbuilding company in North Korea (Yoo Yeon-Seok), and although it is very different from the real person, the South Korean president also looks very different.

It’s U.S. President’s Smoot (Angerson McFadden), and I think you’ve got a weird character.

Yeom Jung-ah, who plays the wife of President Han Kyung-Jae, is a math teacher and seems to go to work with her daughter when she goes to school, but I’m confused whether she’s seeing her off or going to work.

Three-way talks will take place in North Korea. Nuclear, state-funded. A lot is going on.

A coup d’état takes place in North Korea, and the coup forces capture the heads of South Korea, the U.S., and North Korea.

The first episode of Steel Rain was chased, chased, and had a sense of urgency and dynamic action, so the sense of immersion was good, and I enjoyed it, but the second episode of Steel Rain was boring until the middle of the movie.

Since many scenes are limited to indoor scenes inside submarines, there is not enough to see and action the main characters. Since Jung Woo-sung is the president, it’s a little strange that the president takes action himself.

The alliance of the Republic of Korea made the president of the United States a strange person and a laughingstock of the moment, and sometimes there is a serious scene. Still, I think it’s an American president, but the movie is just a movie, but it’s a far cry from reality.
It may be intended to ease the tension with laughter at a time when the presidents of North Korea and the U.S. are in a hurry to act or play with words to make them laugh, but the code didn’t match with me.

The North Korean leader speaks English better than the South Korean president and seems to be breaking everything, but he was just couped and described as a good leader, so there is a gap between reality and reality.

It came out under the name “Steel Rain 2,” a sequel to “Steel Rain 1,” which I enjoyed, but except for the subject of South Korea and North Korea, it has no connection with “Steel Rain 1” and is close to a separate movie.

The graphic scene fell short of expectations, but the submarine underwater scenes CG pain stemmed, but it is dawn scene in front of Dokdo and the last second half with the president in Seoul. Standing with the graphics was there was awkwardness.

I don’t know if the last speech scene in Seoul with the North Korean leader was filmed at a real place, but it felt like a CG scene, so I felt awkward.

In line with the interests of South Korea, the U.S., Japan, China, and North Korea, many stories are coming out. Still, I couldn’t immediately understand what they were saying because each country and the characters were different in their pursuit. Of course, some of you might have noticed the situation quickly while watching the movie, but I was confused. I really enjoyed watching the first episode, so I was looking forward to it a lot. It wasn’t as good as I expected. I’m planning on watching the second episode. If you were looking forward to it, please lower your expectations a little bit.

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