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I reserved a special price in advance last week, but I watched it on the first day of its release.
I think about 10 people watched the movie theater with 270 seats, and after printing and checking the ticket, the Lotte Cinema movie price increased from 10,000 won to 12,000 won on weekdays, and 12,000 won on weekends from 12,000 won to 13,000 won.

The front of the dispensary leaflet.

It was released at a sensitive time with Corona. I usually wear a disposable mask, but today, I wore KF94 at home, didn’t drink water at the theater, watched a movie, and came back home and took off my mask for the first time.

Art cards are always given before entering, but they said they’d give them to me after watching the movie, so I got them after watching it.
The paper with a soft card is also nice and pretty.

There is an art card at Lotte Cinema, and you can get most of it at the theater.

When the movie starts, Young-Seok (Nam Joo-hyuk) sees a woman with a collapsed lower body disorder, runs to help her, and takes her home.

With a lower body disorder, she gets help from Young-Seok and asks him to eat and go.

Young-Seok asks her name, but her name is Jojo.

After a meal I got from a chance to help, Young-Seok and Jo-je continued to meet.

The original film was made into a film in 2003 based on the short novel “Jose and the Tigers and the Fish” by Seiko Tanabe and aired on KBS in 2012 as a Korean dubbing edition.

I haven’t seen the original, but I think those who like the original will like it, and those who have seen it for the first time may have different tastes.
Overall, it’s a calm and warm movie, so there are not many ups and downs so that it can be boring, or there’s no big event or big fight between the two, so the immersion might be a little less intense.
I enjoyed the overall calmness, but it was a bit boring in the middle.

The story of two people in the movie is so calm. It’s not a happy situation. It’s not a sad situation. It’s a bit of imagination. The story of this rich woman and a normal and realistic man continued calmly.
It’s not a happy romance with no laughter, no tears, no happy romance, and it’s not a movie that talks about the pain of a tearful breakup, but it was a calm romance melodrama overall.

It was really nice to see him eat together in the beginning. I thought of Little Forest. It would have been better if there were more scenes of him eating together. Especially, Nam Joo Hyuk eating a spoonful of rice in his mouth and eating stew in a pot. It didn’t have many side dishes, but it looked very delicious.

In aquariums and fish, we think fish are trapped in aquariums, but the fish might think we’re trapped in aquariums, but Jojo changed his position and looked at himself from Youngseok’s point of view, and things could be just what you want to see and believe, but I don’t know the exact message.

The original film is well-received and well-received, so you can trust it and watch it. Personally, it wasn’t fun, but if you like calm love movies, you can watch it.
I was not happy or sad after watching it, and I thought it was the story between the two.

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