Tenet review and information

The main character John David Washington is the son of actor Denzel Washington. Does he look like him? I’m not sure. Each community movie bulletin board is covered with Tenet stories, and there are a few likes and dislikes. It’s been 4 days since I watched the movie, so I don’t remember exactly, but I’ll […]

Mulan review and information

Mulan is the eldest daughter of the Fahrenheit family, good at martial arts and a brave daughter, and her father also participated in the war, and she has strong self-esteem and deep patriotism. Northern orange is trying to attack the emperor of the Chinese Imperial City and move to the Imperial City to continue winning […]

Capone review and information

Venom’s new movie, Ponzo, was released and watched. On the poster, the Joker’s crew puts it on the front page. After more than a decade in prison for tax evasion, Ponce <Alcapone> (Tom Hardy) invites the whole family to dinner on Thanksgiving Day, and the movie begins. Ponce’s wife, May (Linda Cardellini), shares her old […]

Tesla review and information

First of all, the plot tells the story of Addison and his once-employee and rival Tesla. Direct current DC Edison and AC Tesla confront each other in Edison’s company, and Tesla leaves the company, with Edison dominating the market. Still, Tesla doesn’t stop developing and gradually advances technology and eventually starts to overtake Edison. Ethan […]