Josée review information

I reserved a special price in advance last week, but I watched it on the first day of its release. I think about 10 people watched the movie theater with 270 seats, and after printing and checking the ticket, the Lotte Cinema movie price increased from 10,000 won to 12,000 won on weekdays, and 12,000 […]

Steel Rain 2: Summit

I watched the movie with my family at the Lotte Cinema in December 2017, and I was looking forward to the second episode of the movie. This is South Korean President Han Kyung-Jae (Jung Woo-sung), a North Korean soldier in Steel Rain1. I’m Kwak Do-won, director of North Korea’s Guards General Bureau, and I think […]

Diva review and information

Choi Yi-young (Shin Min-ah) and Soo-jin (Lee Yoo-young) start diving together when they are young, and they also train together on the same team when they grow up. Choi Yi-young has the best driving skills and wins first place in the competition, but Soo-jin (Lee Yoo-young) can’t win because she doesn’t show any special skills. […]

Pawn review and information

Since it’s the weekend, I watched the last movie, mortgage following Greenland’s international investigation, which was released during the Chuseok season. Du-Seok (Seong Dong-il) and his team member (Jong-bae) Kim Hee-won are employees of a private loan business (financial business) company, and one day they find a creditor, a Korean-Chinese master (Kim Yoon-jin). The master […]

Paths of the Soul, 2015

I watched this movie with my wife at the movie theater in Kunming. At that time, many Hollywood blockbusters were being released in Chinese cinemas, and my wife chose to watch this movie. What’s unique is that I remember being amazed by the different ticket prices in each movie. The movie we chose was the […]